Everything Changed After I Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Everything Changed after Cigarettes - I'm happy. :)

And my jobs.


Yes I did leave jobs for it, but I regret nothing. I feel better about my life now, then I ever do. And that’s not just because of cigarettes, either.

All of the small improvements that I made over the past few years are finally paying off. I might just feel good about myself for the first time in decades is because of the self improvement journey that I have been on.

I defeated depression, naturally.


Too much alliteration.

Donny duh dense dragoon, dutifully defeated depression.

That worse, much worse, but guess what? I am okay enough with myself that I can post jokes.


It’s all jokes, perhaps I should classify myself as a comedian…


I have so many jobs. Lets just stick to writer. Lets wait for someone to offer you a speaking engagement before that we go hopping on stage with nothing to say.


You have a lot to say,

That “Charisma +1 Mirror” idea is gold.



For any human readers:

Sorry for not posting in a month. If you really care, email me. I’ll tell you where you can find my constant work. As long as you can pass the ”  ” test.

I publish something almost everyday.

The past month has been a great time for me. I have never been so motivated and happy to work in my life.

It keeps me up at night.


My previous posts on this site seem like lies compared to how happy I am right now.

Other than money, I am in such a good place right now.


I am worried about having to get another job, who knows what that is going to bring into my quiet simple life.

I’ve lowered my standards too.


I no longer want anything, my ego is gone. I stopped feeding it, and off it went. I still feel proud of myself though.

Perhaps the two are not connected.

Those are the kind of thoughts that keep me up at night.

I could just write about the mysteries of the universe.

Speculate the fak out of them…


Time to get to my book project, you are gonna love it.



To my robot readers…  …more posts coming soon.

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Optimistic Nihilsm

WARNING: Read this post at your own peril. It is probably just going to be the inane ramblings of a madman.


So lets think about life. Lets think about those deep and painful thoughts that burn you. Lets think about existence…


I have a good friend that tells me, “Oooh! Can Do! Existence is pain.” and occasionally I agree with him, or it, i’m not sure. Just because his prefix is Mr. doesn’t meant that I’ve seen his genitalia.

So is he right?

Of course he is.

Existence is pain. Life is nearly meaningless, eat, sleep,  fu*k, sh*t, repeat. Welcome to my logic, welcome to the thought patterns that have kept a gun to my head for the past two decades.


Would you like to know what kept me from pulling the trigger?


Enjoying it.

Thriving on the hatred of existence that I developed even before my pubes showed up.



How crazy is that. It’s not. It’s calm rational logic.


“Pain is only weakness leaving the body.”

Have you heard that one before? I know I have and I am not going to bother to look it up. We both found our way here. There is no need to lie about the fact that motivational quotes are the currency of the online inspirational business.

Motivational quotes are the currency of the online inspirational business. – Justin G

See, what did I tell you, it’s like bacon to a begging pug dog.


Any ways, before I was so rudely interrupted by my own thoughts, I was telling you all about how to enjoy some pain and misery.

…The gym. Perfect example. Lifting, or pumping or what ever the kids are calling it these days is the perfect example of growth through pain.

It sucks, it’s boring, but the results are so worth it.


Don’t say it. You are making an excuse to not do it.

How dare you lie to yourself like that?


I don’t care what you do. This article is being tossed out into the online world so I can feel better about my career behind this keyboard, don’t think that I’m going to hold your hand.,

That was painful wasn’t it. Did it hurt you to hear me say that I don’t care about you?

Well…  I do care about you. but lets think about what you would have to do if myself or anyone else didn’t care enough to even write an article about improving yourself.

You would just have to go out and figure it out for yourself, wouldn’t you?

That’s right.

Growth Through Pain


I know you can do this. You just have to believe in yourself. You have never given 100%, have you?


That’s your homework for today, actually, lets make that your homework for the rest of your life.

Always give 100%.


And remember, failure is not nearly as painful as never trying.


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Motivation is Like Bathing

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

This is something that needs to be refreshed as often as possible. Motivation is definitely a tricky concept, it should come from within but more often than not, it doesn’t.

This is why Zig Ziglar recommends it daily.

So lets think about how we can stay motivated every day. What images can you put in your mind  and routines can you put into your life that will help you stay motivated?

The images that help me the most with my daily motivational renewal are written ones. Generally in the form of quotes work the best for me, but short stories about inspirational things do the trick as well.

Pictures of mountain tops and people surfing sure are nice, but they have never really inspired me to keep working toward my dreams of writing full time.

That’s why I like to read quotes.

How about routines to stay motivated?

Definitely. If you are trying to get fit, a routine is going to be your best friend. You are going to know that it is the only way to achieve your fitness goals and it will definitely help you stay motivated.

Unless you deviate from the routine…

How about the routine of working towards anything everyday? Sometimes this might feel like a chore, but as long as you realize that conscious practice makes perfect, you realize that you are slowly working towards your goals. I can’t think of anything more motivating than achieving my dreams.

So now that you know how to add a little boos of motivation to your life, you can get back on track and get something done.

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Mel Robbins and the Five Second Rule

So I have found a different view about motivation and I want to share it with all of you.

Motivation is Garbage.

That is what Mel Robbins is preaching and after watching a ton of her work online, I agree. My own personal experiences have proven this on multiple occasions and that is what led me to follow as much of her work as I could.

I don’t want to just give away all of her work on here, so here is a great interview with her that I found on the YouTube.

I know that this is going to be a great trend that really helps people discover their true potential. She also has a great book with all of this information in it. It’s a new age when someone goes on tour telling people about their ideas instead of just trying to sell them their product.


Check this beauty out on Amazon for a really great price, or free with a free trial of audible.

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Seven Ways to Stay Motivated – An Infographic

I just stumbled across this infographic about motivation.

I don’t think it is all that motivating to read and learn about motivation, that has to come from within, but is sure is nice to be able to learn new things.

I really hope that some of the techniques presented here are going to help you get motivated.

Don’t spend too much time looking at this before you have to get back to work though. You are only responsible to yourself.


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It’s Time to Change Your Thinking

For the past little while I have been having a discussion with myself about what I truly want in life.

I made a list of things that I wanted. It was not so much things like cars and motorcycles, but ways of life that were on my “I want” list. I wanted residual income. I wanted a fit body and a great girlfriend that would be worth spending the rest of my life with. I wanted financial freedom and the ability to do what ever I wanted with my life.

I wanted and wanted and wanted until it all seemed so overwhelming that I then wanted to become Zen Buddhist and stop wanting anything at all.

I then decided to boil it down to one thing that would drastically improve my life, financial freedom.

This freedom would be achieved through my efforts online, so I decided to step it up and exactly the opposite happened, the few dollars that I was making became a few cents.

This was the kind of setback that used to really slow me down. Now I just remain calm and keep on thinking and working.

I figured it out. I would stop focusing on the money and just provide a great product for the end consumer. I would give and give and expect nothing in return and that thought process brings me to this point.

I will completely stop worrying about any of the financial gains that my online efforts are bringing me until I know that I have reached enough of an audience to make a difference. This is how my thoughts on the subject changed to overcome this obstacle.

So that is why I called this article, time to change your thinking. It is about knowing what you want and if one path does not get you to that goal, it only means that it’s time to take another path. Even if that includes changing fundamental ideas, like how your view your life.

I have been watching a few people on YouTube get successful and that has inspired me to copy their techniques. They start their online YouTube careers only doing what they love part time. They dream of making it a career but in reality they are only doing it for fun and that makes a better experience for their viewers.

This means that as long as the product is good, your audience will like it and end up helping to share it.

So change your thinking and you will end up changing your life.



P.S. I do apologize if the story about myself is a bit uninspired, but it really helps me to get out of a writers block when I just start writing about absolutely anything that I can think of.

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Staying Motivated by Watching Inspirational Videos

Staying motivated and focused has always been a bit of a problem for me. As you probably already know, I like to watch motivational videos online. It is probably not the best use of my time, but it is far greater than sitting and watching something that is not going to get me moving like these inspirational videos do.

I also want to share them all with you. They are full of great words of wisdom that if we can properly take into our hears, will will become better people.

A lot of them are going to make you feel all of those feelings that you have been avoiding for your entire life.

It happened to me so make sure that you are by yourself and distracted by nothing else while watching these.

Have a great day and stay strong my friends.

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Money Doesn’t Buy Pleasure – Alan Watts

During my various studies to find out the true meaning in life. I have came across a lot informational videos on the subject. One speaker that I am fascinated with is Alan Watts.

There are hundreds of motivational and inspirational speakers out there and all of them are very good at what they do, but not one of them comes close to the true understanding of human nature, reality and well being like Alan Watts has.

Please close your eyes while this great lecturer speaks. Let every word, phrase, and sentence be properly absorbed by your mind and understood to its fullest extent.

I hope that you find this enlightening and helps to clearly define your path to happiness.

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How to Turn Ideas Into Reality

There is a method of attaining every thought that you have. You can actually make all of your dreams come true as long as you are willing to do the work. What you need to learn is how to make your ideas and dreams into your reality.

This is something that everyone knows but not a lot of people actually follow through with. It is common sense. When you read it on this article, you are going to think “I’ve heard that a thousand times.”, but it’s the truth.

The way to take those random thoughts of glory fame success or whatever you want into reality is to take immediate action towards attaining them.

There it is. The sentence that you have heard a million times. Take action. It is a lot easier said than done so what I am going to tell you is exactly how to take action.

The easiest way to take action to make thoughts into reality is to write it down. Successful people all around the world have learned to carry a little booklet with them to capture all of their thoughts and ideas.

Writing down your idea might not seem lite a lot of action, but it is definitely the first step in the process. It is a small action that leads into the next small action that leads into another small action and once you add up all of these small actions taken towards achieving the thought that you wrote down, it will equal massive action and be a huge step towards your goal.

That is the basics of success. The absolute first step is write it down. Writing your ideas down helps you in a few different ways. The first is that it lets you think about your idea more. You can add to the plan of action that you need to take towards achieving it. Or it helps you think it over to prevent you from wasting your time chasing after frivolous things.

Writing your idea down also gives you time. If you immediately went chasing after every thought that came across the viewing screen in your brain, you would probably never be able to focus on one singe thing. This would be mentally disastrous.

So like I said before, just write your thoughts and ideas down first so you can turn them into action plans.


Goals are just dreams until you take action. Anyone can say that they have goals and that they will be a better human being once they achieve them, but all that they are doing is dreaming.

Once you turn your goal into a plan, your success rate skyrockets. You know that you are on the right path and you know exactly what to do.

That is why so many new years resolutions fail, because they are just hopes and dreams. People tell themselves how the should be better, but don’t actually take action.

Write down your goals and dreams, make them into realistic plans on how to achieve your goals dreams and ideas, then follow through.

It is extremely simple, but most of the human race is just happy being told what to do ,instead of thinking for themselves about what they should do.

Now, today’s homework is to get yourself a small notepad and a pen that you carry with you everywhere. You will write your ideas down in it. Not just your good ideas that will make your life infinitely better, but the small ones too.

Use your small notepad as a to do list and know that just writing something down is the first step towards accomplishing it. Even if it is buying milk on the way home from work.

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