orangejustinsquareThis is just a little bit about me. It is a story that is kind of hard to put into words, so i’ll do it tomorrow.

Firstly, I love to procrastinate. I rarely do it, but I still enjoy the feeling of panic and results driven speed that comes with it. That is probably why this site has not been updated in a month.  Oh well, it may be a rare occurrence in my life recently but I am trying to prevent it at all costs.

I happen to be a very outwardly calm and mellow fellow. This is noticed by almost everyone around around me and I actually use it to my advantage to spread that calm feeling to others. It has several advantages and the most important one is that I never get yelled at, no matter how seriously I f*** up.

You might also notice that I swear occasionally. If you can’t handle the thought of cursing then you need to read about how to change your attitude towards others. Remember that I am completely unimportant and what I am telling you is only words on a page, you can take ’em or leave ’em.

I also love to write. I am sure that you noticed that I have a very casual style of writing. I just try to emulate a conversation while I write. Even though it is kind of a one sided conversation.

If you met me in person, I wouldn’t say much, I m more of a listener than a talker. I have found that embracing that kind of attitude has given me the time to absorb tremendous amounts of information and properly access how humans relate to and interact with each other.

I will be adding to this about page as I think of it, but I really don’t like talking about myself. Why don’t you log in and leave a comment telling me about yourself?

P.S. Great comments are extremely valuable and I respond to all of them.

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