Caring for Insignificant Problems – Stop it.

There is a mass problem with people today. It is caring too much.

I know that it sounds like a nice thing, but when it comes down to it, caring is not all that great.

Actually, let me rephrase that, caring about the wrong things is the problem.

There are so many huge issues out there that are serious problems with the world and unless they are fixed, the human race is doomed, but all that people seem to care about these days, is their own petty, insignificant problems.

These are also known as first world problems.

“Oh no! My wi-fi can’t reach my bedroom because my house is too big.”

You know what I say to these idiots? Try drinking from the same water that your neighbors shit in.

Now that, is a real problem.

It is time to start caring about each other. STOP the selfish greed that is not just consuming society but generally making people hate urban environments and start giving.

Become a giver.

Make the world a better place.

Now I know that most of you will not make much of an impact on this world, but at least there will be nice things written on your tombstone when you kick the bucket.

Also I just want to say to any religious reader that happens across this little piece of ranting literature, your god probably doesn’t care how much you pray, your god cares about actions, not words. Be nice and paradise will be your reward.

That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

To my agnostice amigos, be nice and MAYBE you will get into paradise.

Ha! See what I did there. Some times I really crack me up.

But on a more serious note, look out for each other and stop caring about problems that you cant fix.

If your job sucks and life in general is making you miserable, I guarantee that by simply finding a new job or changing your diet (healthier), you will notice an improvement.

This is not caring and complaining, this is action.

Action is what has made the world what it is today. Where would we be if everyone was happy and comfortable with what they had?

We would be cave men. Perfectly happy with dieing at the old age of 30 and occasionally being picked of by a creature higher up on the food chain than we were.

I somehow have to steer this little tirade back to the topic of caring for insignificant problesms.


That should do it.

Now I know that this little article is not a work of art. It is just my brain trying to think slowly enough for my fingers to keep up but I have encountered this issue at my current employer.

The people who care about the wrong stuff and generally make their complaints heard on a regular basis are the one that are treated like crap and ignored by the company and the supervisors.

Meanwhile, there is quiet little me, working away, barely saying anything to anyone about how much that tedious piece of crap that they call a job sucks and do you know what I get in return?

All of the hours that I could possibly want ( I had to tell them to tone it down ), unasked for raises, leaving early on Fridays, and verbal praise on an almost daily basis.

What more could a wage slave ask for?

Those are the kind of situations that I find myself in and it got me thinking about wring something about it. So now this is written and here you are.

I hope you enjoyed it and remember, stop caring about insignificant problems.

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