Everyone Around You Is An Idiot!

No BrainsLet me just start by saying that the title isn’t completely accurate. I know that there is a huge percentage of the people around you that are sane, normal, non idiotic people. The only reason that I wrote that particular title is because the normal people don’t stand out in your daily routine. It is only the morons that interrupt your peaceful patterns that stand out. That is just too bad because those normal people deserve all the love in the world while the idiots should be ignored.

The idiots are everywhere though. You can help but encounter them. Whether you are in line and one of them cuts in front or perhaps you are just minding your own business cruising along the highway when someone in an $80 000 luxury car flies past you doing twice the speed limit, with a mobile phone in one hand and an $8 coffee in the other. Maybe the bosses just keep piling on the work load while making dumb choices and not contributing anything useful. They are unavoidable.

But how can you keep you cool when there are so many idiots?

If you look for road rage videos online, you are going to find a lot of them. Just the other day, I watched a video where a bus driver took it upon himself to teach a Porsche driver how to park properly, by using his bus to knock it away from the bus stop that it was parked in front of.

I must admit that I am a road rager, but I keep it in the confines of my automobile. I call the offending drivers on the road all sorts of clever names, but I have never carried out my dreams of installing a high powered lazer with face recognition technology to target their eyes and permanently blind them in order to keep them off of the roads for ever. I can still dream about it though.

To get to the point, what I am trying to convey to you is that it passes. Eventually the idiots will be gone out of your life. Time heals a lot of things but it can make a lot of things a lot worse.

One day, your imbecile of a boss will be gone. It might take more time than the idiot in traffic, but eventually, your boss will be gone. Either through promotion, retirement, firing or quitting, you or the dolt that you work for will be separated and never have to see each other ever again.

There are many other long term idiots in your life that time is not going to just get rid of for you though. Some times, you are just going to have to do some thing to remove them from your life. These nasty cretins include, spouses, neighbors, friends and even family. If you can not remove them from your life, you are going to have to remove yourself from their lives.

So keep calm and carry on. There is no need to worry about the short term idiots, they are usually gone within minutes and the long term jokers, you are just going to have to stay away from their contagious idiocy.


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