Forget Weight, Think About Shape

A recent change has happened in my life; I have not lost any weight. I know that you are all yawning in utter amazement right now, but the odd thing about my lack of weight loss is that I am down by three belt notches.

To me, that is a bit of a miracle. I have always been husky and comfortable with it. It is only within the past few years that I have become miserable with my flabby, out of shape body.

I have tried some of the fitness programs out there like the penine T X program (as my sister calls it) and pretty much failed. There were results, but they very quickly disappeared.

It was only after I completely stopped eating fast food and drinking soda, I noticed any change in my physique. I do spend a lot of time walking at work so that has probably had a bit of help in my transformation, but mostly I attribute it to my dietary choices.

I have recently watched a video with Dr. Lustig that carefully explains why soda and fructose is responsible for the obesity epidemic.

I know that it is a long one, but it is definitely worth watching.


P.S. I will show before and after pictures to anyone who asks.

P.P.S. I save $7 per day multiplied by 24 working days in a month for a grand total of  $168 per month. That is half of my new car payments.


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