Haters Gonna Hate

An I Heart Haters HatThe title of this little article is “Haters Gonna Hate”. It is a street term that simply means that some people are just going to be jealous and resentful assholes no matter what you do so just keep on doing what you want to do.

This should not just be a lesson from the streets and the “Game” but a lesson for all of humanity to ignore the overwhelming negativity that some people naturally emit.

There are always going to be those among us that want to bring you down in order to make them selves feel better. These people are insignificant and no attention should be paid to them at all.

Keep on doing what you do to the best of your abilities and life is going to unfold before you and reveal that it is not as bad as you think it is.

You should not just ignore the criticisms that are in front of you, your should also ignore the people that ruin your day with out even thinking about it. I constantly refer to traffic problem and road rage because that was a problem of mine for several years.

I spent many years driving for a few different rental car companies and also delivering parts before I realized that the main part of my day that I hated the most was driving.

The actual driving part was fun but eventually I learned that what I hated about it was the fact that there were so many other people on the roads and it seemed like most of them were just trying to cut me off.

Those people who are terribly selfish in traffic and have no regards for others are another form of hater. They needed to be ignored, so the plan that I came up with was to change my driving habits.

Before I changed my habits I would see someone coming up behind me quickly and I would try to not let them past me. This created hostility on both fronts of this situation and led to me being hateful every time that I got into a car.

I changed the situation completely. What I did was to just let them pass. The tailgaters got ignored and I would also leave a very large gap in front of me so that when I got cut off in traffic it would be as close as it was before and provided a much longer reaction time in case of an emergency stop.

There are still a lot of times out there that I wish I had lasers to point in their eyes, but those feelings are lesser and lesser everyday.

My example is just one way that anyone can ignore the haters. I sincerely would love to hear some more.

So remember to just be nice to each other and the world will be a much nicer place for everyone to live in.

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