How to Turn Ideas Into Reality

There is a method of attaining every thought that you have. You can actually make all of your dreams come true as long as you are willing to do the work. What you need to learn is how to make your ideas and dreams into your reality.

This is something that everyone knows but not a lot of people actually follow through with. It is common sense. When you read it on this article, you are going to think “I’ve heard that a thousand times.”, but it’s the truth.

The way to take those random thoughts of glory fame success or whatever you want into reality is to take immediate action towards attaining them.

There it is. The sentence that you have heard a million times. Take action. It is a lot easier said than done so what I am going to tell you is exactly how to take action.

The easiest way to take action to make thoughts into reality is to write it down. Successful people all around the world have learned to carry a little booklet with them to capture all of their thoughts and ideas.

Writing down your idea might not seem lite a lot of action, but it is definitely the first step in the process. It is a small action that leads into the next small action that leads into another small action and once you add up all of these small actions taken towards achieving the thought that you wrote down, it will equal massive action and be a huge step towards your goal.

That is the basics of success. The absolute first step is write it down. Writing your ideas down helps you in a few different ways. The first is that it lets you think about your idea more. You can add to the plan of action that you need to take towards achieving it. Or it helps you think it over to prevent you from wasting your time chasing after frivolous things.

Writing your idea down also gives you time. If you immediately went chasing after every thought that came across the viewing screen in your brain, you would probably never be able to focus on one singe thing. This would be mentally disastrous.

So like I said before, just write your thoughts and ideas down first so you can turn them into action plans.


Goals are just dreams until you take action. Anyone can say that they have goals and that they will be a better human being once they achieve them, but all that they are doing is dreaming.

Once you turn your goal into a plan, your success rate skyrockets. You know that you are on the right path and you know exactly what to do.

That is why so many new years resolutions fail, because they are just hopes and dreams. People tell themselves how the should be better, but don’t actually take action.

Write down your goals and dreams, make them into realistic plans on how to achieve your goals dreams and ideas, then follow through.

It is extremely simple, but most of the human race is just happy being told what to do ,instead of thinking for themselves about what they should do.

Now, today’s homework is to get yourself a small notepad and a pen that you carry with you everywhere. You will write your ideas down in it. Not just your good ideas that will make your life infinitely better, but the small ones too.

Use your small notepad as a to do list and know that just writing something down is the first step towards accomplishing it. Even if it is buying milk on the way home from work.

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