It’s Time to Change Your Thinking

For the past little while I have been having a discussion with myself about what I truly want in life.

I made a list of things that I wanted. It was not so much things like cars and motorcycles, but ways of life that were on my “I want” list. I wanted residual income. I wanted a fit body and a great girlfriend that would be worth spending the rest of my life with. I wanted financial freedom and the ability to do what ever I wanted with my life.

I wanted and wanted and wanted until it all seemed so overwhelming that I then wanted to become Zen Buddhist and stop wanting anything at all.

I then decided to boil it down to one thing that would drastically improve my life, financial freedom.

This freedom would be achieved through my efforts online, so I decided to step it up and exactly the opposite happened, the few dollars that I was making became a few cents.

This was the kind of setback that used to really slow me down. Now I just remain calm and keep on thinking and working.

I figured it out. I would stop focusing on the money and just provide a great product for the end consumer. I would give and give and expect nothing in return and that thought process brings me to this point.

I will completely stop worrying about any of the financial gains that my online efforts are bringing me until I know that I have reached enough of an audience to make a difference. This is how my thoughts on the subject changed to overcome this obstacle.

So that is why I called this article, time to change your thinking. It is about knowing what you want and if one path does not get you to that goal, it only means that it’s time to take another path. Even if that includes changing fundamental ideas, like how your view your life.

I have been watching a few people on YouTube get successful and that has inspired me to copy their techniques. They start their online YouTube careers only doing what they love part time. They dream of making it a career but in reality they are only doing it for fun and that makes a better experience for their viewers.

This means that as long as the product is good, your audience will like it and end up helping to share it.

So change your thinking and you will end up changing your life.



P.S. I do apologize if the story about myself is a bit uninspired, but it really helps me to get out of a writers block when I just start writing about absolutely anything that I can think of.

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