Keep Moving. Always Forwards. Don’t Hesitate.

Forget making goals.

Goals are only dreams.

Start making detailed plans of action.


If you can train your self to take action on every good idea that you have, you are going to be astounded by the amount of accomplishents that you can achieve over a very little time frame.

One of the best motivational ideas in the world today is that the one key to success is the ability to take action on your dreams, goals and ideas.

The first step in turning dreams into reality is to take action. That action should start small. Keep a pen and paper in your pocket and write down every idea that you have. You can also use your phone to do this, you just need the right app.

Once you have that idea in writing you have taken the first step towards success. Any action no matter how insignificant, has a ripple effect. It is not up to you to make those ripple larger and larger until they become waves.

Keep Moving. Always Forwards. Don’t Hesitate.

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