Optimistic Nihilsm

WARNING: Read this post at your own peril. It is probably just going to be the inane ramblings of a madman.


So lets think about life. Lets think about those deep and painful thoughts that burn you. Lets think about existence…


I have a good friend that tells me, “Oooh! Can Do! Existence is pain.” and occasionally I agree with him, or it, i’m not sure. Just because his prefix is Mr. doesn’t meant that I’ve seen his genitalia.

So is he right?

Of course he is.

Existence is pain. Life is nearly meaningless, eat, sleep,  fu*k, sh*t, repeat. Welcome to my logic, welcome to the thought patterns that have kept a gun to my head for the past two decades.


Would you like to know what kept me from pulling the trigger?


Enjoying it.

Thriving on the hatred of existence that I developed even before my pubes showed up.



How crazy is that. It’s not. It’s calm rational logic.


“Pain is only weakness leaving the body.”

Have you heard that one before? I know I have and I am not going to bother to look it up. We both found our way here. There is no need to lie about the fact that motivational quotes are the currency of the online inspirational business.

Motivational quotes are the currency of the online inspirational business. – Justin G

See, what did I tell you, it’s like bacon to a begging pug dog.


Any ways, before I was so rudely interrupted by my own thoughts, I was telling you all about how to enjoy some pain and misery.

…The gym. Perfect example. Lifting, or pumping or what ever the kids are calling it these days is the perfect example of growth through pain.

It sucks, it’s boring, but the results are so worth it.


Don’t say it. You are making an excuse to not do it.

How dare you lie to yourself like that?


I don’t care what you do. This article is being tossed out into the online world so I can feel better about my career behind this keyboard, don’t think that I’m going to hold your hand.,

That was painful wasn’t it. Did it hurt you to hear me say that I don’t care about you?

Well…  I do care about you. but lets think about what you would have to do if myself or anyone else didn’t care enough to even write an article about improving yourself.

You would just have to go out and figure it out for yourself, wouldn’t you?

That’s right.

Growth Through Pain


I know you can do this. You just have to believe in yourself. You have never given 100%, have you?


That’s your homework for today, actually, lets make that your homework for the rest of your life.

Always give 100%.


And remember, failure is not nearly as painful as never trying.


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