Everyone Around You Is An Idiot!

No BrainsLet me just start by saying that the title isn’t completely accurate. I know that there is a huge percentage of the people around you that are sane, normal, non idiotic people. The only reason that I wrote that particular title is because the normal people don’t stand out in your daily routine. It is only the morons that interrupt your peaceful patterns that stand out. That is just too bad because those normal people deserve all the love in the world while the idiots should be ignored.

The idiots are everywhere though. You can help but encounter them. Whether you are in line and one of them cuts in front or perhaps you are just minding your own business cruising along the highway when someone in an $80 000 luxury car flies past you doing twice the speed limit, with a mobile phone in one hand and an $8 coffee in the other. Maybe the bosses just keep piling on the work load while making dumb choices and not contributing anything useful. They are unavoidable.

But how can you keep you cool when there are so many idiots?

If you look for road rage videos online, you are going to find a lot of them. Just the other day, I watched a video where a bus driver took it upon himself to teach a Porsche driver how to park properly, by using his bus to knock it away from the bus stop that it was parked in front of.

I must admit that I am a road rager, but I keep it in the confines of my automobile. I call the offending drivers on the road all sorts of clever names, but I have never carried out my dreams of installing a high powered lazer with face recognition technology to target their eyes and permanently blind them in order to keep them off of the roads for ever. I can still dream about it though.

To get to the point, what I am trying to convey to you is that it passes. Eventually the idiots will be gone out of your life. Time heals a lot of things but it can make a lot of things a lot worse.

One day, your imbecile of a boss will be gone. It might take more time than the idiot in traffic, but eventually, your boss will be gone. Either through promotion, retirement, firing or quitting, you or the dolt that you work for will be separated and never have to see each other ever again.

There are many other long term idiots in your life that time is not going to just get rid of for you though. Some times, you are just going to have to do some thing to remove them from your life. These nasty cretins include, spouses, neighbors, friends and even family. If you can not remove them from your life, you are going to have to remove yourself from their lives.

So keep calm and carry on. There is no need to worry about the short term idiots, they are usually gone within minutes and the long term jokers, you are just going to have to stay away from their contagious idiocy.


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Effectively Wasting Time on Trivial Pursuits

Old Orange TelevisionIt seems to me that so many of the current lifestyle choices that many people choose to make are spent on wasting time. When we think about how much time is spent, wasted on pursuits such as Facebook, television and all of the other things that are just purely entertainment, we realize that if we spent this time on something more productive, it would lead not only a better life, but a better existence in general.


Let’s talk for a second about television. According to Nielsen.com, 2 1/2 hours every day are spent staring at a glowing box. What could you do with 2 1/2 hours per day?


I know that I’ve used the learning guitar reference before, but in this instance, it is extremely relevant. When I was in high school, I knew a few guys that would never come out and party. All I knew about them was that they would go home after school and not come out as everyone else and have a good time. As it turns out, they were going home to practice guitar. I knew this because the only thing that they would talk about during school hours would be the guitar or music in general.


And as a proper online creep, I looked them up recently, only to find out that they are in popular bands surrounded by gorgeous women, based only on the talent that playing guitar has got them.


So, that being said let me also tell you about a fellow named Malcolm Gladwell. This fellow is a best-selling author and has discovered that the key to being great at anything is spending at least 10,000 hours doing this. If you are spending the average amount of time watching television, then in approximately 10 years you will be an expert in watching television. If however, you can translate that into a bankable skill then you are going to be well off, and probably set for life. If you do not translate your 10,000 hours of television watching into a bankable skill,then you will have wasted nearly 10 years of your free time watching television.


Television is extremely enjoyable. I can admit that I watch it on a daily basis. The only difference is that I keep the television in the corner of my eye while doing something else. This means that I do not devote my full attention to this waste of time. If like me, you can multitask, then keeping television as a second thought to the projects that you were working on, is going to reward you with not only successful projects, but also the feeling that you have not wasted your existence watching content that has only been created to fill the time between commercials.

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The Financial Reason To Quit Smoking

Orange Cigarette ToiletSo I know that you’ve heard, about ten million times over, that you should quit smoking. All of those advertisements and statements that you’ve been bombarded with, all are concerned with with your health, but did you know that if you quit smoking you have the potential to save hundreds of thousands of dollars. Oh, and you can also live longer and live a healthier life.


Now let’s think about this for a second, how much do you really smoke? If, like I used to you smoke about half a pack a day your health is not going to be as seriously impacted as it would if you smoked two packs a day, like my stepfather used to. Currently, where I live a package of cigarettes costs about $10. That means that I’m spending five dollars a day on cigarettes. If you multiply that five dollars per day times 365 you get a grand total of $1825 per year. Now the average smoker, will smoke for about 40 years and that only half a pack a day they can be expected to spend roughly $73,000 over their lifetime.


Now lets think of what you could gain by using this money as an investment, over forty years you could possibly quadruple it or maybe even octuple it. I’m not a financier at all, but I know that smoking is basically taking your hard earned cash and burning it. You may think that smoking is relaxing and it is worthwhile because it calms your nerves, but the truth is, billions of people around the world do not smoke. Somehow, all of these people are calm and relaxed without the aid of cigarettes.


So, $73,000. Let’s actually think about what you can acquire with $73,000 worth of cigarettes. Firstly, you take $73,000 and just give it to a tobacco company. Or, you could take that $73,000 and give it your government. Did you know, that tobacco is one of the most heavily taxed items. I know that the government where I live continually increases taxes on this luxury item at a rate of approximately three dollars per pack. Which is, as you know, 33.3%.


I don’t know about you, but if I was paying 33% income tax, I would probably lose my mind, unless of course I was making some astronomical seven figure income. Then, I don’t think I would mind is much.


$73,000 is only the cost of smoking half a pack a day. There are many people out there who smoked two packs or more per day. Two pack a day habit is extremely disgusting. As a former smoker I still don’t mind the occasional whiff of tobacco, unlike some people who lose their mind and think that they will immediately get cancer as soon as they smell someone’s cigarette. A two pack a day habit will cost you $292,000 over your lifetime. That is currently the cost of a new home. Not just a regular home, but a nice home, or a regular home and a car. They could also buy you a nice house and a college education. The things that you could buy with $292,000 are infinite.


So with that in mind, you should realize that not only are you going to live longer if you remove cigarettes from your life but you are also going to have more money to spend during that longer lifetime.



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Money – Everything In Moderation

Three Check Boxes with think plan act written next to themMoney is something that is a constant worry on the minds of most people. It is a grating long term stress that can lead some people to do pretty drastic things. The worst thing that money makes people do, is spend 40+ years at a job they hate, in rush hour traffic for two hours each way, only to have their bosses embarrass you with their sheer stupidity. I can not think of anything worse than that scenario. Unless you consider theft, murder and other crimes for money worse.

Everyone knows that the love of money is the root of all evil, but did you know that you can live on very little cash per day. When you think about spending $300 a month to finance a $15 000 car divided over 30 days, it only equals $10 per day. That is not all that much in the grand scheme of things. A mortgage however, is a whole different story. A mortgage might cost $1000 a month and divided over thirty days it would be $33 per day. Food, as long as you are not eating at restaurants very often could be another $300 a month, or $10 a day. Other expenses, like internet, cable television and hydro can be another $10 a day as well. All of this adds up to $63 dollars a day. It equals pretty much a full time employees earnings at minimum wage.

The point that I am trying to make here, is that you don’t need to stress yourself with a long commute and a decent job, when all of the basic essentials can be had with the simplest of laid back slacker jobs. It is time to start enjoying the easy life.

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You Don’t Need To Work Anymore

Thanks to the internet, if you have the right knowledge, you can make a residual income and never need to work again. Thanks to modern algorithmic changes to everyone’s favorite search engine, this task has gotten a whole lot more difficult. I am planning on making a guide about exactly how it is done, so sit tight and I will be releasing it soon.

The basic plan to making an online income is as follows:

  1. Get yourself a website
  2. Learning a little bit of HTML is useful
  3. Make awesome content about a very specific topic
  4. Make content on a regular basis, at least once a week
  5. Promote the crap out of your site but don’t spam.

It all seems easy, but if it was, everyone would be doing it. The thing about making money online is that you need to invest a lot of either time or money into your endeavors. You can spend all of your time promoting your content, building it and creating attractive social media campaigns, or you can just pay some one else to do it for you. If you choose the right subjects to write about, and invest a lot of your time into it, you will eventually start making a few cents a day. Not enough to make a difference, just enough to encourage you to do a lot more.

So if this is something that interests you, keep watching the MONEY tab, because I will be releasing all of the “secrets” that the “experts” want you to waste your hard earned cash on.

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Ten Great Ways To Waste Your Money

Money is wasted by the billions everyday. You probably already do some thing that are a massive waste of cash, I know I do. Some excellent ways to waste your hard earned dough include:

  1. Smoking – Heavily taxed and $5 a day for a year equals $1825 per year. Just light your money on fire but don’t forget to breathe the smoke in while you do it.
  2. Gasoline – I know it is necessary to get yourself to work, but if you are driving a large SUV by yourself everyday, you know that you are wasting a ton of fuel.
  3. Eating Out – Fast food and restaurants are a great way to socialize with friends but the cost of that lifestyle is astronomical compared to eating at home or bringing prepared meals with you.
  4. Credit Cards – Carrying a credit card balance and only paying the minimum is similar to just going to the bank with a wad of cash and handing it to them. I just found an old bill of mine with $788 owing. The interest was $16 and the minimum payment was $15. Do the math.
  5. Pay Day Loans – This is just legal loan sharking. They charge massive amounts of interest and will just take your pay cheque as soon as you get it. If you are in a situation that requires money right away, like rent, i’m sure that instead of taking your bank information and proof of employment to a pay day loan shop, you can just take it to your land lord and prove that although the rent is going to be late, they are definitely going to get it. Remember to remind them that waiting an extra week for rent is a lot less hassle than kicking you out and finding a new tenant.
  6. Gambling – The house will always win at this game. For every story that I have heard about people winning at the casinos, I have heard dozens of stories about people loosing. I actually have a story about winning at the casino. The bar was near the big spinning wheel game and for about three hours I would get up between drinks put some cash down and buy the next round. It was great! But that is my only winning story. I have probably spent thousands on lotteries and scratch tickets and never won a thing.
  7. Designer Anything – If two hundred dollar jeans make you happy, then you have some serious self esteem issues. It is said that then more possession you own, the more your possessions own you. If luxury items are something that you feel that you can not live without, I would suggest that you buy knockoffs and tell your snobby circle that they are real.
  8. Replace When You Can Repair – This means that instead of spending thousands of replacing your toaster, dishwasher, or any thing else, you should just take it apart and see if you can fix it. I saved my neighbor from having to purchase a new mower by flipping it over and tightening a couple of bolts.
  9. Fines – Parking illegally, speeding, building without a permit, and other misconduct are all completely avoidable. You know you shouldn’t be doing them and the tickets are so damn expensive. An easily avoidable expense.
  10. Time – I know that time is not really something that you can waste money on. But it is still something that you can waste. I thought it was important to add it to the list because [Time = Money]. It is true that the more time you spend, the better the returns. Just think about investing time into playing the guitar or any other instrument. If you put enough time into some thing, you are going to have a bankable skill that is going to be in demand by someone. Unless it is something like watching television, which can still be banked as long as you are writing reviews about shows or some other idea like that.
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ZapSmass – The Awakening

A messy bed can lead to a messy life, which is not where you want to be.I like that title. The awakening. It could have so many different meanings.

It could mean that something has awoken under the earth and is coming to the surface in order to claim its rightful place as leader of this planet and will enslave all of humanity.

Or it could simply mean that I have came to a realization. The latter is the correct one, just in case you were wondering.


So about the site. I have created it as a motivator. Mostly a motivator for myself to keep working on my writing and just get in the 10 000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell recommends in order for me to be the absolute best at it. I am also hoping to motivate anyone that happens to stumble across this place. I have led an unmotivated and unambitious life so far. It was only a few years ago that I discovered the secret to getting anything that you want out of life.


It is not much of a secret. It is something that most people know but don’t actually do. I don’t know why people don’t always follow their dreams, but they don’t. I am going to dive down into the depths of the human psyche and find out though.

I hope that you will come along for the ride.

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