You Don’t Need To Work Anymore

Thanks to the internet, if you have the right knowledge, you can make a residual income and never need to work again. Thanks to modern algorithmic changes to everyone’s favorite search engine, this task has gotten a whole lot more difficult. I am planning on making a guide about exactly how it is done, so sit tight and I will be releasing it soon.

The basic plan to making an online income is as follows:

  1. Get yourself a website
  2. Learning a little bit of HTML is useful
  3. Make awesome content about a very specific topic
  4. Make content on a regular basis, at least once a week
  5. Promote the crap out of your site but don’t spam.

It all seems easy, but if it was, everyone would be doing it. The thing about making money online is that you need to invest a lot of either time or money into your endeavors. You can spend all of your time promoting your content, building it and creating attractive social media campaigns, or you can just pay some one else to do it for you. If you choose the right subjects to write about, and invest a lot of your time into it, you will eventually start making a few cents a day. Not enough to make a difference, just enough to encourage you to do a lot more.

So if this is something that interests you, keep watching the MONEY tab, because I will be releasing all of the “secrets” that the “experts” want you to waste your hard earned cash on.

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