Everything Changed After I Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Everything Changed after Cigarettes - I'm happy. :)

And my jobs.


Yes I did leave jobs for it, but I regret nothing. I feel better about my life now, then I ever do. And that’s not just because of cigarettes, either.

All of the small improvements that I made over the past few years are finally paying off. I might just feel good about myself for the first time in decades is because of the self improvement journey that I have been on.

I defeated depression, naturally.


Too much alliteration.

Donny duh dense dragoon, dutifully defeated depression.

That worse, much worse, but guess what? I am okay enough with myself that I can post jokes.


It’s all jokes, perhaps I should classify myself as a comedian…


I have so many jobs. Lets just stick to writer. Lets wait for someone to offer you a speaking engagement before that we go hopping on stage with nothing to say.


You have a lot to say,

That “Charisma +1 Mirror” idea is gold.



For any human readers:

Sorry for not posting in a month. If you really care, email me. I’ll tell you where you can find my constant work. As long as you can pass the ”  ” test.

I publish something almost everyday.

The past month has been a great time for me. I have never been so motivated and happy to work in my life.

It keeps me up at night.


My previous posts on this site seem like lies compared to how happy I am right now.

Other than money, I am in such a good place right now.


I am worried about having to get another job, who knows what that is going to bring into my quiet simple life.

I’ve lowered my standards too.


I no longer want anything, my ego is gone. I stopped feeding it, and off it went. I still feel proud of myself though.

Perhaps the two are not connected.

Those are the kind of thoughts that keep me up at night.

I could just write about the mysteries of the universe.

Speculate the fak out of them…


Time to get to my book project, you are gonna love it.



To my robot readers…  …more posts coming soon.

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