Why Should I Set Goals?

It is said that a life without purpose is wasted.

Think of a ship setting out on a trip. Does it just wander aimlessly until it finds something worthwhile, or does it have a definite destination?

Without a goal in life, you are like a ship that is just heading out of port with no destination. You are going to spend too much time wandering in the ocean of life before you reach your destination. If you even get there at all.

Clearly defined goals will give your life a purpose and direction that most people will never see in life. It is only about 10% of people who make it to retirement age and have a comfortable life that is suitable for a pleasant retirement. Most people have to take a part time job if they want to live comfortably. Some people even have to work until they die if they want too keep a roof over their head.

Goals should also be very clearly defined. Making a million dollars is a nice goal, lots of people share this with you, but how are you going to make that million? What exactly is your plan of action?

Are you going to keep working the same lame job and not spend any money until you have a million in the bank by retirement age? Or are you going to improve your skill set, go back to school, and find a job that will pay you a million within a few years and spend the rest of your life in comfort?

Goals are the best thing that you can acquire in life. Make them soon and start out on a life that will be fulfilled and a lot better than you will ever believe.


  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Remember these things when you are setting your goals. Also, goals can always be broken down into smaller steps if your main goal is a big one.

Always dream big and always keep moving toward your goals.

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